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merged with Communardo since 14.6.2019
Member of Communardo

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​​​Development / Highlights in the history of the company

1995set up of an online division at Siller Data Service GmbH by Ralf Michi and Jörn Bülow
1996Website design and development of the press area POLDI for Fiat Group Automobiles Germany AG.
1998Development of an online information system for IHK Heilbronn-Franken.
1999Development of a second-hand car marketplace for FIAT (Automobile AG Deutschland) and an online order system for INTERSPORT Deutschland eG.
2000Change of location to “Böllinger Höfe” (industrial area) in Heilbronn, Wannenäckerstraße 43
2001Transformation into Siller AG; Ralf Michi and Jörn Bülow become board members alongside Prof. Horst-Fritz Siller.
2002Siller AG becomes a business partner of Microsoft. Start of a strategic partnership with Microsoft Deutschland.
2005Attainment of partnership status “Microsoft Gold Partner”
2007Strategic reframing on solution platform SharePoint and at the same time further qualifications within the frame of the Microsoft Gold Partnership.
2009Separation of the online solution division from Siller AG, becoming Siller Portal Integrators GmbH
2010Change of location to Wannenäckerstraße 34 in Heilbronn
2012Expansion of the work relationship with Microsoft and enlargement of field of competence.
2013Development of a Trusted Data Centre for Hyundai Motors Deutschland and their associated dealers
2014Change of location into newly built company building Pfaffenstraße 66, 74078 Heilbronn